Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital

Semen Shipping Agreement

Form MUST be submitted by mare owner/agent to Wisconsin Equine prior to verbal request for semen shipment

Semen will not be shipped without written form being on file, Changes made during the year must be submitted in writing with a new form

(Prices subject to change without notice)

This form/contract certifies that , the mare owner, has agreed to breed to the stallion , during the 2019 breeding season for the following mare:

Reg. Name: Breed: Registration No:

Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital (WECH), agent for above named stallion, will adhere to the following guidelines for the year of 2019:

1.All collection and shipping fees will be paid in full before any semen will be shipped.

2.Collection days are Monday Friday, year round; 8am 12pm CST.

WECH must be notified, BY PHONE no later than 5PM CST on the day before the collection/shipment is to be completed.

If a collection is requested same day (between 7am-10am CST), every effort will be made by WECH staff to accommodatethis request, but it is not a guarantee that the stallion will be available or that the appropriate staff will be available tocollect, process, and ship the semen. You may also incur a $61 late notice fee.

3.Mare owner agrees to pay all shipping fees.

If mare owner has their own Federal Express account number, this may be used, but must be provided at the time thecollection is scheduled - prior to shipment (indicate on the bottom of this form).

4.All semen is shipped via Federal Express. If this service is not available in your area, please provide WECH with an alternate mode oftransportation and we will do everything possible to accommodate this request.

5.Same day service (airline) is available at an additional charge. Mare owner must provide the airport of choice to be used for thistype of service.

6.Collection fees (all fees include: Clinic call, collection & processing of semen, and equitainer rental):

Fed Ex shipments: $268.00 + shipping

Airline shipments from Milwaukee: $538.50 (also includes: airline shipping & courier fee, equitainer rental)

Fed Ex to Canada: $520.50 (also includes: USDA & WECH paperwork and Courier fee) + shipping

Mare owner required to provide import permit a minimum of 2 weeks prior to potential shipment

7.WECH staff will call mare owner or designated agent with tracking numbers for the shipment the day of collection. Please make sureWECH has updated information in regards to phone numbers/email addresses to verify this information. If you do not hear from usby 4pm the day the shipment is to have been shipped, please call our office.

8.Containers are the responsibility of the mare owner to make sure they are returned to WECH in a timely manner (3 days).

9.WECH is not responsible for shipments once the container has left our hands.

EXPECTED SHIPPING or BREEDING DATE: (ORDER for specific day to be place via PHONECALL)

Shipping Information: Mare Owner Information:

(Only bold area required if owner not setting up account for payment arrangements)

Ship To: Date:

Address: Owner:

City/St/Zip: Address:

Phone: City/St/Zip:

Alt Ph: Hm Ph: Wk Ph:

Credit Card #: Fax: Cell:

exp: 3 digit code:

Preferred Major Airport: Email:

Fed Ex Account number to be used for shipment:

Please let us know if your information changes during the course of the breeding season, we are looking forward to working with you!

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